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Senshi of the Sunlit Millennium by ErinPtah Senshi of the Sunlit Millennium by ErinPtah
For the first five days of OC October: an early team of otaku senshi, redesigned to have some cohesive mythology.

A few hundred years after the fall of the Silver Millennium, the Sailor Wars reach a thriving five-planet star system. These girls are all very young -- most of them aren't even senshi yet. It's only the previous Sailor Osiris who has passed her powers on to her daughter.

Luckily, Galaxia's forces are thrown back..for the moment. Will the next generation of senshi be ready by the time she returns...?

The planets, from innermost to outermost:

Sailor Atum: Queen Nasrin, or "Rose." Inherited both the senshi powers and the queenship of Atum at age 7, and has been understandably overwhelmed by both (even though she has a bunch of elected advisers to handle the "administering a government" part). Powers based on sunrise, birth/life, perfume, and healing. Age at Galaxia's return: 14.

Sailor Isis: Princess Farida. A bunch of older siblings make her not the presumptive heir to the throne, even if she's the most naturally-regal one in the bunch. Her planet is the home of a Tree from the planet Makaiju, and hosts a thriving minority of plant-based humanoid emigrants. Powers based on flowers, plants, fertility, and weather. Age at Galaxia's return: 17.

Sailor Hathor: Princess Halima. For a while everyone was afraid the queen of Hathor would never have a daughter to inherit her Sailor Crystal, so it was a huge relief when her "son" came out as a trans girl. Halima is mechanically inclined, a trained pilot, and appreciates that her powers are useful for emergency welding jobs. Powers based on hope/joy, fire, music, and alcohol. Age at Galaxia's return: 21.

Sailor Nepthys: Jahina. Nepthys is a post-revolution democracy; a few still-alive heirs to the crown, including Jahina, were raised in exile on Isis. She doesn't want the throne, but is cool with inheriting senshi powers. Powers based on shelter, caves, jewels, and precious metals. Age at Galaxia's return: 17.

Sailor Osiris: Princess Amirah. Very young, but highly conscious of her role as a queen and a sailor warrior, and will fight to the end for those she has promised to protect. Powers based on sunset, flooding, and death. Weapon: the Enduring Sunset Rod. Age when Galaxia first showed up: 12. Age at Galaxia's return: [not found]

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Earlier designs:
1st-gen (pre-2001), 2nd-gen and 3rd-gen (2002 and 2004), 4th-gen (2012).

Frame stock:
538 noveau frame 19 and 514 nouveau frame 02 by Tigers-stock

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October 3, 2015
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