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Sailor Munn and Sailor B

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In which I am the most predictable artist ever.

Sailor Munn is the sparkly shiny do-gooder who is young and idealistic and has a smile that lights up the room. Sailor B joins her as the slightly jaded old-timer who's used to being the only, the room, but gets the hang of this working-with-a-team thing eventually.

I'm thinking this puts Jon in the tuxedo. And then "Stephen" can be one of those villains whose whole schtick is being jealous of Sailor Munn for getting in the way of his man. Fiore, perhaps? (With a wonky pointed ear!)

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Deviant-ZAngelHobbyist General Artist
is this a parody? If so you can turn the sailors into some mary sues for kicks to poke fun at people who make mary sues. ;p

just a suggestion. xD
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what are the symbols on their neck-band-thingies?
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The Comedy Central logo.
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PASJ is my OT...CrackCrossover? lol But this can be like a super cool AU to the Crack. So cool. :D
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*_____* The lovely, it is overwhelming. Olivia is too cute, and Sam is smoldering (I particularly love her hair)! Is that the Comedy Central logo on their chokers/accessories? I am a little sad to see PASJ displaced, but I will accept it if it means Jon in a tux :D
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The Comedy Central logo makes a good accessory :3 Simple, distinct shape - it's as useful as the crescent moon for slapping on things to jazz them up.

This doesn't necessarily displace PASJ! It can exist alongside it! Besides, I will never entirely give up my excuse to draw Jon in a short skirt ^_^
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CasandraelfHobbyist Writer
olivia munn? as in the one on G4?
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She's on TDS now :D (At least, she's managed to do three segments...I look forward to more!)
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CasandraelfHobbyist Writer
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