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Sailor Haumea



Fourth request sketch taken over at the BICatPerson tumblr, for justusinheretogether. (Not an attack pose because I got really into the idea of mimicking that one color Asteroid Senshi picture. And by "that one" I mean "the only one.")

If Sailor Moon had been written today, I figure Sailor Ceres' role and backstory would have been pretty much the same. But instead of her team being composed of (kinda arbitrarily) the three next-largest Asteroid Belt objects, they would've been named after the other dwarf planets: Haumea, Makemake, and Eris. And readers would have been eagerly anticipating them, because we'd already seen the first dwarf-planet senshi: Pluto, in her canon role, but with a strikingly different uniform from the rest of the team.

So this Sailor Haumea has a uniform design based on Sailor Ceres'. She's half Japanese and half indigenous Hawaiian, and beyond that you can assume all your favorite Asteroid Senshi headcanons (where they came from, etc.) apply.

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This original character that the artist made is well-put together. Haumea is a Sailor Moon OC and the outfit very closely resembles those of the Sailor Scouts. She looks like that she's ready to fight evil and protect the planet like the others here on earth. The choice of background changes from dark to light to give some sort of a spotlight to the character herself. The only downfall of the character are some of the lines that are showing on some of the areas of the character, but other than that, this character is very impressive and, again, well-put together.