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Radio Night Vale Daemons

By ErinPtah
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Characters involved with NVCR in the His Dark Materials AU. (The Man in the Tan Jacket crashes a broadcast in Numbers, while the other two are interns.) All friends of Dana, incidentally.

Emmanuel -------- -------: Man of mystery. Genetically a witch. Has been influencing the course of events based on his foresight, as much as possible when most people can't remember him well enough to be influenced. Of currently-living people, only Dana and Janice are immune to his amnesia effect, though Carlos is starting to develop some resistance. Daemon: unseen species, Neharah.

Vithya Banerjee: Intern-turned-angel. Daemon: firefly. Since ascension, they're a ten-foot-tall humanoid with firefly wings, composed of pure Rusakov particles.

Maureen Lanark: Intern banished to another world by orange juice. Would rather keep hanging out with Dana, even in the same universe as Strexcorp Synernists Inc.'s interdimensional HQ, than go back to making coffee for Lauren Mallard (and beta reading for Cecil). Daemon: Dalziel ("DL"), a tan rabbit.

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