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Quinn Van Winkle

By ErinPtah
If the Major is the Joker, then surely that means Rip Van Winkle is his Harley Quinn, yes?

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PhsycoLittleVampire's avatar
I can so see that happening. buuuuuuuuttttttt i dont want that to happen to Rip cuz if it did it would be sad for me........ anyway i love this pic. :D
sebbylvr555's avatar
that's a very good point and comparison. I think the role suits her~
spikerommel's avatar
I'd love to see the Major and Integra together as the Joker and Harley Quinn after this one!
HyrAyl's avatar

I'm speechless.
...BWAHAHA! This is GREAT! XD Two of my absolute favorite characters...SMASHED into one. Much love for your Major&Joker, too. ^^

But, hmmm...Who could be the Riddler...? Hrm...Enrico Maxwell, perhaps? Or, with the suit, Tubalcain? And now you have me thinking about this...Batman/Hellsing would make an awesome cross-over. ^____^
lustforapples's avatar
Two of my favorite characters one one body is the awesome. This makes me miss cosplaying Rip. Much love for this.
Nighteyes-De-Dracul's avatar
This brings.... a whole new level of weird to the whole 7th anniversary custard pie incident. I'm kind of enjoying it.
createacomic's avatar
This is... *_*

I can just imagine Rippy going on about her "Mr. J."

<3 <3 <3
fireheart1001's avatar
LOL Rip Van Winkle as Harley? That's a great idea! Very original! ;)
Mothmish's avatar
*SQUEAL* I love this. <3

I love anything Harley related, so yeah, still this is pretty kick-ass.
NyankoLulu's avatar
She looks adorable.
Rip and Harley are two of my favorite characters so this = win.
LordDeraj's avatar
OMFG that's hot and weird cause I made a refernce to Rip cosplaying as Harley in my fanfiction
Asphodels's avatar
Best. Crossover. Ever.

Plus, the costume really works for Rip.
mollysugar's avatar
Rip looks damn sexy as Harley. Mrrow.

Ooh, Zorin can be Scarecrow. :O
Casandraelf's avatar
oddly enough, this seems to work for her
EbonyLunar's avatar
I would have to agree. But think of what would happen if she got loose in Gotham City like this! Batman would be screwed!
Casandraelf's avatar
he's the goddamn batman. he's gotten out of worse scrapes
EbonyLunar's avatar
Psychoes? Yes. Magic bullets? That's something else entirely.
Don't get me wrong, Batman is the shiz, I just don't know how he'd deal with an opera singing she-vamp!
Casandraelf's avatar
ehh, well, good point, but i thought i'd give a stupid answer.
EbonyLunar's avatar
Ah, stupid answers are always welcome :meow:
goblinbee's avatar
Oh God, I'm in love!
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