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Queens of the Ra System



Reference sketches for two of the queens from The Sunlit Millennium.

Their clothing style, like the rest of the Ra system's fashions and art, is based on ancient Egyptian.

Sopdet is the youngest of her star system's current generation of queens. As Sailor Atum, she wields the Star Crystal, the local jewel of immense power...and might end up being the last person to do so, if Sailor Galaxia has anything to say about it.

Banebded is the oldest of her generation; the power to transform into Sailor Osiris has already been passed on to her twelve-year-old daughter. But that doesn't mean, when emergency strikes, she can't do her part to save lives.

The Queen and the Black Hole by ErinPtah The Last Princess of Osiris by ErinPtah Sailor Magnesium Thorn by ErinPtah 
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Very nice picture it is interesting that Sopdet looks so much like Chibiusa is there a connection?