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Powerpuffs 10-Years Meme

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Original by :iconcrystal-artist:…

The art on this was fun (especially the guys), but the grown-up 'Puffs were particularly interesting to cast. (Buttercup was hard. How come Hollywood has so few adult white women with black hair?)

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The Powerpuff Fangirls by ErinPtahSailor Hyper Blossom by ErinPtahChapter 5 Page 08 by ErinPtahBeingstuck - Three Humans by ErinPtah BICP - Cohen's Susan Glenn by ErinPtah 
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this is so funny
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JadeTygaHobbyist Artist
...Buttercup's hawt as a dude...
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you're a man?!
strange world BUT I LIKE IT THIS WAY!!!
ErinPtah's avatar, I'm a lady. Always have been =)
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Cuz there you look like a...
you get the point
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Well, in chibi-style and puff!style boys and girls look more or less the same...but there are more realistic and quasi-realistic self-portraits scattered around my gallery, which make it more obvious =)
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i :heart: Blossom too, even though she's not as popular as her sisters!
an adorable puff is you.
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Who's Buttercup?
I had issues casting her, too. Gah.
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Diablo Cody =)
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Oh, wow. Lol.
She's a little too angular for my taste, but nice choice! Hayden and Amy Adams, I think? Both good choices, too. ^__^
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Hayden, yes; and Marcia Cross =P
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I was close!
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*cuddles Ptahpuff* It's so adorable!
In fact, the whole thing is.
HIM's voice always creeped me out as a kid. D:
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LOL This was really cute. :XD:
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The Ptahpuff is sooooo cute!
I wanna cuddle her!
Can I pwease? =o)
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