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For :iconulfheidr:'s plushie Doctor Who contest: Susan, with plush!One and plush!TARDIS, meets Jenny, with plush!Ten.

The plushie TARDIS doubles as a collector's case for the whole set. (It's bigger on the inside...)

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Atlantihero-Kyoxei Digital Artist
Omg aww beautiful idea! :heart: I never realised exactly how much I wanted these two to meet xD
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They should absolutely make this happen in New Who. Pick any actress you want to be Susan's latest regeneration...or, heck, invite Carole Ann Ford back and give her some fun things to do.
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Mickxbeth2012Hobbyist General Artist
I would totally take that plushy 10 ^ ^
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Aww, I'm sad Jenny was never revisited. And now the actress is retired. But there are always regenerations!
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I'm hoping for regenerations. Such a wasted opportunity if they don't go for that.
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daughter and granddaughter
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Yes. Yeeess. Ohmygosh this is so cute. xD

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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
So cute! Not to mention a chance for family bonding. Although it must be weird being 200+ years older than your aunt.
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Yes well, I do suppose they are rather adorable aren't they? I have to hand it to you, its rare we see Susan on Deviantart.
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Bat-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
Just a couple of roses hangin' out =3 . that I've learned that Susan's real name is the Gallifrian word for "Rose", I'm kinda starting to think about other reasons why Doctor was so quick to take her around everywhere until there was actually some kind of relationship.

I inside-cried when I learned that.
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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
Really? Do you have a link to the source of that info?
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Bat-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
Well, I initially got it from the TARDIS Wikia, but it provided where it came from.
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CUTE XD I was going to make a joke about Susan asking her auntie for money, but their faces seem to suggest it's the other way around XDWhich is actually IC for Jenny. Unlike Susan, she got the Doctor's hypernessXD
Actually, ithese two would make an awesome team and balance each other finely. That might make for some good fanfic material.
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OliveTheBreloomHobbyist General Artist
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X-Chick303Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is just adorable :aww:
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That is so cute!
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I would like to see this!
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WindestaenzerinHobbyist Traditional Artist
:heart: Adorable.
I love that you chose those two, especially Susan - there are too many people who haven't seen anything of the classic series :(
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