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Pip With A Grin

First major pic of Pip, because he's far too cool to not have any fanart here. Also because I needed a bit of practice drawing him before introducing him into the comic (and drawing PxS fanart).
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AH! PIP! (Glomps the bishie) Whee... (Pets the braid) What, I'm obsessed with almost all the Hellsing characters. :D
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Gud pic
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Cute, but he looks a little too young..........................

Ser: Captain...........................


Ser: That's crazy Cybil, I do not love Pip.

D-h: I didn't say anything about that..............

Ser: WHO SAID YOU DID?! :blush:
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Pip is one of my favorites and it's so sad he has to diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee... *bursts out crying* Pip/Seras is one of the few heterosexual relationships in anime and books that I really love. mostly it's yaoi *grin* but those two are just mad for each other. Could you pleeeease draw a pip/seras pic? like a kiss or a hug. it would really make my day.
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My gosh, I don't have any Pip/Seras stuff uploaded, do I?

Don't worry, I'll get some up. And you'll enjoy the next story arc in Shine - it's going to be mostly Pip/Seras-y ^_^
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YAY! *faints from glee* :XD:
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *tacklesnug* ^^ =D

PIP! I'm so happyyyyyyyyy! ^^ :boogie: So awesome! Never ending praise to you!!! =D

(This is Feather the Pip fangirl, by the way... ^^)
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Awesome. Pip pwns. PxS? Ahhhh!

I'm working on a bit of Pip fanart myself, but my percieved color scheme was a bit different.
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Aw that's great! I love Pip.
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RAWR! :glomp:

Nice job!
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the forg is da best!
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That is too cute! AHH! I'm sorry, the fangirl in me is dancing.

I love Pip! This is great! He looks like he's been knocked over, lol.
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