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Palmer Sibling Scrapbook

By ErinPtah
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Now that canon is going "what even is continuity" with regard to Cecil's childhood, any ideas people have about his family are likely to get stomped on sooner or I probably should've posted this sooner, huh. (Note the 2014 watermark.)

Fanon versions of Cecil's vanished older brother and tiny baby sister. The friction between Cecil and Abby as adults comes partly from the way Cecil basically raised her after their mother disappeared...and wasn't always good at it.

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Cecil: What are you all dressed up for? You're not allowed to date until you're thirty!
Sister: You're twenty-five, old man, and I don't have to tell you where I'm going! Your'e not Mom!
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I think there is continuity, it just gives no fucks that Cecil was making cassettes before their invention.
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Nah, there are bigger continuity errors than just having futuristic tech. For instance, in [Best Of?], Cecil is an intern when the town of Night Vale is founded. In Cassette, he's already talking about living in Night Vale before he becomes an intern.
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Maybe he time traveled. Who fucking knows, in Night Vale?
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Nicely done, Erin!