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Palette Meme - Dave Lister, D

Back to the palette meme: Red Dwarf's own Dave Lister in palette D, for norwegianpornfaerie!

Everyone's favorite space bum, millions of years from Earth and enjoying the view.

Tumblr: Reblog from here, don't repost!

Deep space brushes: Deep Space Brushes 2 by LadyVictoire-Brushes 

Palette Meme by ErinPtah Making Strides - Red Dwarfers by ErinPtah Femslash February 2014 - Dot/Mouse by ErinPtah Blue Lantern Madoka by ErinPtah Doctor SpongeWho SquarePants by ErinPtah 
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Hooray for the color palette meme! :D I like the choice for him.