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There's a meme like this going around Tumblr, and it seems like everyone's doing it...but all with the same palettes. So I made my own set.

Comment with a character (from a series I'm into, please) and a letter!

ETA: not taking general requests for now, but there are still unlimited slots open for characters from But I'm A Cat Person =)

(This meme on Tumblr.)

But I'm A Cat Person
1. Bianca at karaoke, L, for chess-ka
2. Patrick in battle, A, for Phoenix-FireMage
3. Jessica Lake, M, for andwereallwevegot

Everything else
1. Carlos (with bonus Erika), C, for errantlight
2. Mama Palmer shopping, I, for hungarianlanterns
3. Carlos at re-education, R, for the-Mara
4. Stephen Colbert as Tux Jansen, Q, for Tuiteyfruity
5. Alucard and friend, A, for hokuton-punch
6. Stephen and eagle, L, for cnnafterdark
7. Jon Stewart in neon, J, for Phoenix-FireMage
8. Bad Wolf Rose Tyler, G, for TopazRiver3
9. RGB (The Property of Hate), Q, for mostlyv0id-partiallystars
10. Mysterious Hooded Figure, A, for ysabet
11. Dave Lister, D, for norwegianpornfaerie
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Mysterious Hooded Figure from Night Vale in A, please ma'am?  Mysterious Hooded Figures just don't get enough love.  Huge thanks!