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PMMM Shipping Challenge: Walpurgis Necking

By ErinPtah
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The last of the Madoka Magica rarepair illustrations: Witches (day 27), for the 30-day shipping challenge!

Madoka will bring hope and love to all the witches. All of them. Condensed here into a humanized version of Walpurgisnacht, so they're more convenient to kiss.

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Oh gosh! Haha! They're so cute! 😍😍
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Seriously, we need a prequel manga about what caused walpurgis naught to exist or who is this witch's true self, i mean she is like the female titan in how feared she is by other magical girls (1st timeline mami said that all magical girls were preparing to defeat her), so thus a prequel manga really needs to exist
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The creators have said Walpurgis Nacht is an amalgamation of other witches, and its "familiars" are the silhouettes of past magical girls (in the manga, including the silhouettes of Mami and Kyouko!). So it wouldn't be created by a single girl falling into despair, but by some more complicated process...
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In my Soul Magica universe, Walpurgisnacht was created by five regular witches merging into one super-witch, called a Dreadnaught. She was created intentionally by Kyubey’s to produce a large energy yield, but proved to be uncontrollable.
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So in theory, this witch could of been an experiment by a group who wanted to weaponize witches by making the essence of magical girls who died to make familiars and the essence of dead witches become part of this witch, this group must of been a group of mature magical girls who must of used a young girl as its core & used her to absorb these energies to become an expy of the black beast from blazblue & become 1 of thee most feared witches. I base my group theory on the group of magical girls from a spinoff manga who repeated cloned their dead founder and deny the clone knowledge about their past, which begs the question: could a group with severe mental issues decide to let loose an experiment for the ultimate witch on the entire world & absorb its victims: both witch and magical girl?, but hey its just a theory
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OMG amazing art !!! la in love 
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