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PASJ - The Bee-Owl Family

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The fifth and last sailor to appear in the first series was Sailor Sam. However, she was actually the first chronologically to transform, as she had been approached by the guardian owl Jason Jonesemis before Stephen Junior got to Jon, and for a short time fought crime in Canada as Sailor B.

By the second series, it was pretty clear that Jason had something of a crush on Sam, and there were Jasam shippers ("the other J/S") from the beginning. When a little owl from the future showed up and addressed Jason as "Daddy!", Sam had a hard time hiding her jealousy.

Fortunately for everyone's sanity, it was revealed earlier in PASJ than BSSM that Jason and Junior could take human forms. So when little Piper addressed Sam as "Mommy!", it wasn't as disturbing as it could have been.

Sam is pictured here in her official princess dress, which like all the others has the same color themes as her sailorfuku. Piper, for reasons unexplained, retains her wings in this form, just as Diana retains her tail.

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Sailor Moon anyone? Aka, their cats, Artemis, Diana and Luna in human form.
Well, some other characters pretty much dressed as them. Except Luna, Luna's dress isn't like that.
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Other characters dressed as Artemis and Diana, with one in a Venus-princess-style dress =)
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Jasam? yikes, General Hospital flashback.
i totally love Jason's outfit. but you know that.
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Awwww <3 What an adorable family. Nice details on the costumes, especially like Jason's cutouts and bondage pants.