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Oldest Nobility in Sonheim

By ErinPtah
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Getting back into an old familiar comfort zone with Leif & Thorn. (Literally! ...get it, because vampires are old....)

Lady Stanczia and Lord Imri live in Sønheim, Leif's home country, where the undead control at least a quarter of the country's wealth. And that's with strict laws designed to keep them from bankrupting the economy through the sheer power of compound interest.

New vampires can be turned at any time, but these two are among the oldest. Their native language is no longer spoken by any living human. Their names sound bizarre and archaic to Sønska ears. Linguists and historians love when they can shed light on customs that have been lost for centuries...and hate when they make stuff up for fun. Which the old ones do a lot.

Sønheim is this world's northernmost country, and vampires thrive in its long winter nights. In summer, when the sun will stay up for twenty hours straight, they tend to fly south for vacation.

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