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Nightmare Lady

"Chibusa has nightmares. Black Lady is a nightmare." -@SailorBusiness

Another piece of art inspired by :devtasakeru828: 's multi-mahou crossover Shattered Skies. All the characters have their worst fears...but Chibiusa is the only one who's lived hers.

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Very interesting! I wish they had touched this subject in the manga/anime. I don't believe ChibiUsa never had nightmares about those events! You captured so well this idea!!!
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It is really awesome. Well done.
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Yesssss, my favorite senshi with my favorite villain. The lighting and shadows in this is beautiful!

Also, I like how you drew her as Super Sailor ChibiMoon so that even after she has lived the nightmare of her past and is now a stronger and older fighter, she is still haunted by her past as a younger child and what happened when she was Black Lady. This would've been an interesting concept to see carried on in the manga or even the classic anime. I feel it would've been quite a character building experience for her to overcome in growing up.

Bravo, I like this a lot!
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Thank you! Yeah, that's one of the many golden continuity-exploring opportunities I wish Crystal had taken advantage of...
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You are very welcome!
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Goddamn this is gorgeous. Black Lady looks terrifying. Thank you so much!
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Thank you for the lovely inspiration! I'd been low-key wanting to draw some terrifying Black Lady for a while, then along came this chapter and things just clicked.
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No problem, I'm always happy to provide. The next chapter should provide plenty of terrifying moments to inspire you... :D
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Wow! The looks fantastic! The faces on chibi Moon looks great!
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