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Night Vale Mayoral Gem Fusions

By ErinPtah
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"All I wanna do / Is elect you into / A giant mayor...."

Night Vale Gems AU: Pamela Winchell and Dana Cardinal! The Mayor is a fusion, between the winning candidate and...some other gem. Don't ask about the other gem. You're likely to end up re-educated if you find out too much.

Left: Mayor Bloodstone offers some friendly advice to ex-Intern Onyx.

Right: Ex-mayor Moss Agate explains that she is retired, totally retired, she couldn't possibly accept Mayor Cardinal Diamond's offer to be Secretary of Emergency Press Conferences.

(The Cardinal is a specific famous red diamond, one of only 30 of its kind. And some poking around didn't turn up a single other Steven Universe fancharacter with the name. There are a few Hope Diamond gemsonas, but I'm pretty sure this is the first Cardinal Diamond! ...and that's officially my greatest achievement in this fandom.)

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