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My Little Vampire Hunters

The pony maker is addictive.

Cutie marks: Alupony has his sigil. Ponytegra has the Hellsing patch. Pip Ponydette has the patch from his hat. Seras Vicponya has the bat painted on the wing of the Incredibly Awesome Plane. Walter Ponyez has...a box of dental floss.

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My Little Cybele by ErinPtah BICP - My Little Being III by ErinPtah My Little Puella Magi by ErinPtah My Little Pundit by ErinPtah 
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I like the cutie marks but what is Walter's supposed to be? Is it like a hoof with some of his wires wrapped around it?
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It says what it is right there in the picture description.
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oh sorry didn't notice
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Hey, How do you get the cutie marks to turn out so wonderful..? Please tell me..
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For most of these, I started with very high-res images. Then I put them on a separate transparent layer above the ponies before resizing them and moving them to fit, so that they would blend nicely with the ponies' coloring.
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You used Photoshop, didn't you.
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Close. Paint Shop Pro 7 =)
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I has to download it, don't I.
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Working on my Hellsing Ponies still, but every time I try to save a pony with a red coat (like Alucard), it saves as being blurry (I use MS Paint for now, due to no Photoshop). How do I fix that? :(
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Hm. You're probably saving it in the JPG file format, which compresses data to save space in ways that tend to leave images blurry. For some reason it's especially noticeable with red-colored areas, even in high-quality JPGs (although I don't think you can specify quality when saving files with MSPaint anyway).

Experiment with saving it in other formats. PNG is great all around. GIF is nice, but it compresses data by limiting images to 256 colors, and I'm not sure MSPaint is smart enough to choose the best ones for your image. BMP is uncompressed, but the files end up huge; that might be a good temporary format to save them in, so you preserve their quality until you get Photoshop again and can save them in a better format.
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That fixed it! Thanks a lot, Erin! :3
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I thought Alucard ate his wings. xD

but ok x3
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Oh man.... lol
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Shouldn't Walter have a MALE shaped pony head?
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I Love you.
So much right now

This is awesome~
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Lovin' Walter Ponyez :heart:
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These are just so cute. I love how even their hair matches.
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....Beat me to it. I have the same project saved on my computer, though they look different (no cutie marks, Integra has Celestia's make, Seras's coat is yellow, they all have gloves, etc.) And wow, you even managed to get a busty version of Seraspony and a successful Walterpony. I couldn't figure that out. Noice work! Also, good call on Integra being a Pegasus pony. But why is Pip a unicorn?
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Pip is a unicorn because Seras is, so they get to match. And Seraspony's bustiness is achieved by ramping up the "buffness" setting.

Don't hesitate to upload yours! The world can never have too many Hellsing ponies =)
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...i think it's safe to say you've been sucked into the world of equestria.

also, the cutie marks are win
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