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My Giant Army

By ErinPtah
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The Company Picnic, Night Vale Gems version. Music and all! (Moonstone normally uses his weapon as a club, but it's also functional as a microphone.)

Strexcorp locked Moonstone in a cage that's reinforced against magic. The catch is, it wasn't reinforced against being wrenched open by giant hands.

And it just so happens that Onyx knows a lot of giant women.

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(Strexcorp Company Picnic)

Human prisoner: You have to help us, Moonstone! Do some kind of Gem magic -- change shape -- draw a weapon -- bust us all out of here!
Moonstone: I can't! Strexcorp's mandatory-fun technology is too advanced. We need someone from outside to rescue us. We need -- a hero?!

Moonstone: Former intern Onyx! And old gem Seraphinite! You're okay!
Onyx: That's right! And we're getting everybody out of here. Come on!

Moonstone: Have you seen Carlosruizite? Can you tell me if he's safe?
Onyx: I haven't -- but the minute we find him, we'll let you know. Now, let me see your mic!



Onyx (singing):
All I wanna do
Is introduce you to
All I wanna be
Is someone who gets to lead
A giant army!

Moonstone (singing):
And now I've been set free!
So glad I got to see --
your giant army!
I'm so relieved that you
have introduced me to
your giant army!
Oh, it's gonna be
so great, when you save
the day, using this army
you brought together --
I know Strexcorp will flee,
just as soon as they see, that
we have got a giant army!

Onyx (singing):
We're enjoying our fight together
though we know it won't be forever!
Just glad I got to meet,
and in the end to lead,
my giant army!
(My giant army!)
All I wanna do is introduce you to my giant army!
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When they starts singing, i llooove it.