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Muppet Doctors - Ten

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I had hoped this would be the last picture I finished in 2010, but the gods of irony were not on my side. (Although come to think of it...that does mean this piece refused to be finished for several days too long, spoiling what could have been a perfect narrative wrap-up. I guess the gods of characterization were with me, at least.)

ETA: As per :iconxuanwu:'s suggestion, Doctor Honeydew in this universe is Professor Yana.

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Muppet Doctors - Eight Point Five by ErinPtah Muppet Doctors - Eight by ErinPtah Muppet Doctors - Nine by ErinPtah Muppet Doctors - Ten by ErinPtah Muppet Doctors - Eleven by ErinPtah
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This is awesome!
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pfeifhuhnHobbyist General Artist
Aww, he is cute.
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Hey, at least he's ginger now. Well done.
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HenaiHobbyist Photographer
This one has to be my favourite of all the Muppet Doctors, its spot on! :D
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Meep meep meep meep MEEEEP! Allons-y!
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mikamoo2u2Student Traditional Artist
hahahahahhaahhhahahahh too funny
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VertFaereHobbyist Writer
Beaker! Sweet!
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nutamuHobbyist General Artist
Excellent choice.
When I saw this in my updates I just sat and laughed for 5 minutes straight.
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LizleMoutonHobbyist Traditional Artist
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icongrin--plz:
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10 + Beaker = Awesome! And I'm so biased, as my own family nickname [Beeker] comes from this Muppet...and 10, well, come on! 10 Is King!
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thewolfcharmerStudent Traditional Artist
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Oh my goooooooosh . . . I love it. It's mad and I love it. He's even got the Tennant hair, and he's always freaking out, it makes perfect sense!

After seeing all your Muppet Doctors I really really want the Muppets to do a DW spoof :D
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Did you see this fic? It's pretty much everything a Muppet+Who fan could want.
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Hahahaha, no I hadn't, but it looks brilliant! Many thanks! :w00t:
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I love everything from the artwork to the well crafted match-up selection to even your amusing description. Bravo!
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The dramatic posing is very suitable. I wonder if that would make Prof. Yana played by Honeydew? Now I want to see someone make a 10th music video set to Beaker's 9th Symphony.

For 11th, I'm pretty sure Scooter gets the role. The young kid who's a bit awkward but has a big heart? That's 11th right there.
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Honeydew as Yana! Oh, that's perfect.
createacomic's avatar
Not sure who should play Saxon-version Master, though. Preferably a muppet with a tendency to put things in cages.
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TinaCaperHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Prefect 10! :):)
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