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Miss Ann Warbucks

Sneak preview of the Shine version of Little Orphan Annie.

A billionaire heiress and arms dealer, Ann Warbucks practices her own brand of ruthless capitalism. She doesn't hold with any sort of charitable giving; after all, she survived without it. (Not that her tycoon adoptive father and his various magical allies made it hard.)

Still, she won't sell her ultra-high-tech weapons to just anyone. If you plan to use the firepower to oppress anyone (under her definition of oppression, of course), no amount of money will sway her. It's not like she's hard up for cash, after all.

Though she has referred to herself as "th' spirit of eternal youth!", Ann does in fact age - at approximately a quarter the rate of a normal human. Her birthday, February 29, has been cited as the reason, but the smart money is on some kind of supernatural interference. Whatever the reason, she appears to be in her late twenties, but is actually at least eighty years old.

(Sandy, in the corner, says "Arf!")

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The reason why the Yanks went to war with Middle East, was due to the fact that 'Daddy' Warbucks was killed in 9/11 (I know this cos I read the papers)

As it happens she had a (very un PC) adventure there, just around the start of WW2 as a teenager and is trying to get her own back, so maybe she's got a more selfish agenda on her hands, after all those Arabs must pay dearly for trying to eat Sandy, and have her become the bride to the Emir, luckly with the help of her friend Alli the Genie she got out of this mess she got herself into, for not wearing a headscarf and singing America's fave moral boosting song 'The Sun'll Come out Tomorrow' to the German (everyone can make a mistake) troops that were on 'maneuverer's' there.

I will also add that she was almost lunched for singing that song, thankfully Punjab saved her, and we now have a rather nice recession on our hands as Annie likes to look back on 'the good old days' from time to time.
Koku-chan's avatar
Hah! This is really cool! She has no eye-balls, so, she's a mutant! Which explains her youthful appearance. :) Great pic!
createacomic's avatar
Now there's a lady who should run for President. Too bad she'd never consider it. As usual, those best qualified to serve tend to stay away from politics.
shanejayell's avatar
Wow... just wow.

Skidracer21's avatar
sweet. I can't wait for this.
Usagi-CRI's avatar
She's so pretty. I can't wait to read this story ark
mollysugar's avatar
Took me a minute to realize why she has no pupils. Thought she was possessed for a second there.
thngwhtsqks's avatar
Hot damn woman, how do you make childhood characters into such lovely and appealing grown-up crack?

::wanders off to look at Carmen/Waldo nao::
Casandraelf's avatar
well, guess we'll find out your explanation behind her strange eyes ^^
mollysugar's avatar
Hint: go look at old Little Orphn Annie comics.
Casandraelf's avatar
yeah, i know the real reason behind the eyes(that's how the artist drew them), i just felt that this explained it way better than a weird art style
mollysugar's avatar're right. Knowing Erin, she probably has a story prepared to explain them. :O
Casandraelf's avatar
i've been following her comic and i think she's preparing to introduce her
mollysugar's avatar
Yeah, same. I figure once the current bit with Iscariot is done. :O
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