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Meganekkos in Heat

By which I mean four women with glasses, gathered around a flame.

From left to right: Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin, lighting a fire; Yomiko Readman of Read or Die, holding the fuel; our own Sir Integral Wingates Fairbrook Hellsing, lighting her cigar; and Yumiko Takagi, also of Hellsing, roasting a possibly-symbolic hot dog.

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I think Yumiko can be such a sweet cute nun, but as a Catholic, I must say when she gets mad she doesn't act like a very good nun XD
Actually, no. This is just as sexy as I hoped. All pictures of Yomiko are, although I can tell that paper doesn't have anything written on it. Yomiko wouldn't take well to burning literary material.
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I found this in a search.

I was going to favourite it, but it turns out I already did.

Thumbs up!
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I love how you draw Yomiko and Robin, Poor Yumi she will never get that cooked! O_o Love it, the title and.............. I don't know...
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Maybe she's hoping for a miracle *roasts other hotdog* It's not working yet >.<
GirlycardFangirl's avatar
I'm sure she'll figure something out X3
GrenadierJorinde's avatar
*Still has own sausage* I hope so to >.<
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hehe, it would have been awesome if you had included Rip from hellsing in that too XD But then again, it would have been one too many hellsing girls in there ha! I like this by the way. The chibis make it so cute!
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Haha. I'm fairly certain this title brought in 277 views that "Four girls in crowd around a little fire" wouldn't have. Well done, Dear SailorPtah.
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Hahahaha cute pic but I'm even more amused by the title you gave this...
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jeje I love't especially Robin...and Integra ... n.n nice job
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Oh my god, SO CUTE!

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where's my Rippy :tears:
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Really funny! Symbolic hotdog, eh? lol
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Oh no!
If any one of these four turn to Misandry, my gender is DOOMED! ;_;
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LOL XD The girl expect to roast her hot dog with that tiny fire?
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