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Mayoral Night Vale Daemons

By ErinPtah
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All the self-declared mayoral candidates from the His Dark Materials AU!

Marcus Vansten: richest guy in town, and therefore clearly the best guy in town. Can't always be bothered to fully dress himself. Puts his name on everything, Trump-style. Daemon: Jacobin pigeon.

Faceless Old Woman: secretly lives in your home. Judges you, especially if you happen to be Chad in 3B. Has been unusually friendly with one of Carlos's team members lately. Daemon: Texas blind salamander.

Hiram McDaniels: literal five-headed dragon. (Big feathery wings not shown.) Daemon: internal, because that's how dragons roll. But he has a special place in his heart for humans with lizard and raptor daemons.

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I really like this
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Thanks <3