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Mal Loves Serenity

By ErinPtah
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The identity of the Moon Princess' father, revealed...

(Alternate caption: In Silver Millennium, Serenity rides you!)

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Kind of a han solo princess liea style 
kuroitenshi13's avatar
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I see what you did there XD
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who is serenity father and do you have some picture of him thank you
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Nobody knows, and there are no canon pictures.
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This is hilariously awesome. I love it :giggle:
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I just found this... Well played, Ptah!
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I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I found this! I kept getting this image in my head when Firefly first came out- ruined a couple of great moments for me, too- and am thrilled that someone else thought of it, too!!!
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The alternate caption made my day. xD Lol FOREVER. :heart:
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This is a pairing I never thought I would see. Nice pun.
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I can't stop giggling.
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Omg, Firefly.

... I love you. /Creepin'.
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Alrighty then. I sometimes thought of Queen Serenity when I heard the theme song. Her father? :iconconfusedplz:
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You've got a really interesting realistic-type style; I can really recognize, say, Mal's nose. XD It's fascinating seeing Serenity drawn as a real-type woman, as well--I can definitely recognize her, and she's beautiful, but I'd never quite imagined her like this. It's awesome.

And, of course, the subject matter itself would fill me with glee regardless. Shiney!
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That's cute and rather punny....
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*laugh* if I ever finish my Crystal Tokyo comic, it will have a scene of Neo Queen Serenity geeking out to Firefly, it's her favorite series 'cause the ship's named after her, and in the background the other sailors are thinking, "I think this series is from before you were queen..." but they cannot shake Usagi's total belief that it's named after her.
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There's a crossover I never thought I'd see -- but should have expected!
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I'm happy someone finally did this one.
SaturnsRevolution's avatar
Perfect. It all makes sense now.
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"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will impregnate you."

Usagi's awesome quotient would go up several times if this pairing was real.
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Best comment ever.
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I lol'd hard, and then I felt my fanboy soul tear in halves.
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