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Making out in a robot lion

By ErinPtah
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Problematic ships project: Shiro/Keith. With Shiro getting pressed up against a wall, because reasons.

(I keep reading "Sheith" as "Skeith" -- as in, the Neopet. Makes for a lot of really confusing fandom discourse.)

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Let me begin by telling you, I love the color scheme. It makes me as a viewer feel like I'd run across a box of old photos and discovered a love story in between the pages of a coffee stained notebook.

As for the stained look around, I believe less is more. I can see where you were taking it, but instead of my eyes focusing on the couple, I'm seeing the entire page. This isn't exactly a bad thing, but it does take my focus away from the characters.

Now, my biggest peeve about this would be the stance of the character on the right. Shoulders up and waist down he is all for the make out session, and I love that. But what gets me is his torso is pulled away from his lover.

Body language is huge when it comes to art, especially between lovers. It can be difficult to capture completely, but I do feel its important.

All in all I think your piece is one of my favorites that I've stumbled on to. I'd try to be more aware of how much staining you're doing and simply continue your work. You're very good!