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Making Strides - Hey, Susie

For the (now defunct) Making Strides fundraiser, drawn for Matthew Henry.

I've been a Calvin & Hobbes fan for as long as I can remember. Getting to draw them as young teens was pretty awesome.
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This one however is perfect. Well, except Hobbes looks weird. But what they're doing and saying is exactly in line with what Calvin could have done.
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This is so fun!!!
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am i the only one who thinks that hobbes has a british accent???
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Susie's a lot nicer than I would've been :XD:
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Epic Win!!!!

Oh god I can totally relate to that feeling, I can imagine the agony if someone pulled the same stunt on me while substituting Ice cream with a malty imperial stout, a beer so thick that it pours like motor oil (the thicker a beer is the more calories it has and tragically my favorite is arguably the thickest kind you can buy :'(), served a rack of meaty, smokey ribs or any dessert from the cheesecake factory *drool*

Thank god I'm too poor to buy the food that I actually want to eat XD
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So he still kept him o.O
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hahah that's adorable!!! Oh man Calvin never stops being himself!!

is there going to be more? =D
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This was a commission, so I don't know if there will be more. If there is, though, I'll add it to the club ^_^
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What was in that ice cream?
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Ah, still playing their little games all those years later. :XD:
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XDD calvin will never give in, will he?
This is most awesome. I can definitely see those two being like that when they're older. I also love how you drew Hobbes in a way that made him seem older and wiser, while Calvin...

Well, he's older at least.
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C&H! Hobbes looks like he's grown, too, but in a different way.
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I love that he's a teenager and still talking to Hobbes. Way better then those depressing ones where he's not. Good job!
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Oh, definitely. That sort of plot always breaks my heart. (I'm looking at you, Pete's Dragon.)

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Oh, awesome. I miss C&H.
I hope this is only the first of many! Thanks for allowing me to delve into my childhood once more.
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