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Magical Boy Thorn

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Okay, now that I've mentioned in Leif & Thorn how Thorn could've studied to work with water spirits, here's alternate-timeline mahou shounen teenage Thorn. In costume!

As a water mage, he might still have ended up on the same dragon-slaying assignment. He just would've been on the magic-using team, instead of the sword-using team.

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Think he would have had the same scars?
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No to the heartsword scar. With the general-fighting scars, might have comparable ones, but probably not as many, especially if he got good at healing spells. If he was in the dragon-fighting group, he definitely would've come out with comparable burns. (Assuming he came out at all...)
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(Ever consider one of those body swap storylknes? Where Magical Boy Thorn gets trapped in Swordsman Thorn body and vica versa?)
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...I had not considered a bodyswap, but now that you mention it, it's definitely going in the Potential Storylines file.