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Lounging Reseda

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It was starting to feel like I didn't have enough fully-drawn refs of But I'm A Cat Person's Reseda, so here's a new one. Featuring both her human and cat forms.

The brightly-colored lineart started as an incidental part of the WIP, then I decided I like it enough to use it seriously. Sized so that it could fit nicely on a bookmark.

Doubles as an entry for #ShoraiMangaka's Original Characters contest.

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:iconcautionplz: But I'm A Cat Person spoilers follow.

To be alive again
Waking up from where you've been
Younger now than you were then
You’re coming ’round again...

Reseda's a Being, one of a handful of immortal shapeshifting battle monsters who have the need to be attached to a human Master...and can't (in theory) take off if that Master turns out to have some issues. In the '90s she was known as Lily, and had a Master who founded a cult based on the theory that drinking her blood would bring them immortality. Unsurprisingly, this didn't work out so well.

One of the cult members, an optimistic teenager named Timothy, wasn't entirely sold on the Great Leader's teachings, but did end up making friends with Lily. After the cult leader died, he struck out on his own...and she wandered after him. These days Timothy's her Master, she's been renamed Reseda, and they run their local church's anti-hunger program, helping to fix the kind of circumstances that drive desperate kids into the arms of shady cults in the first place.

(Timothy's still religious.'s not clear whether she's ever believed in anything along those lines. This cult wasn't the first time she's been believed in, however. In Egypt back in the day she spent a few decades being treated as a manifestation of their cat-goddess.)
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