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Lose Myself With You

By ErinPtah
Cover art from this fanmix.

More hide'n'seek-OTP goodness here!

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Finally, a pairing that makes sense and keeps a sense of humor  - as well as a sense of direction! Of all the drawings I've stumbled across, yours seems to be the best. Love the playfulness and confidence in their expressions. Thanks for sharing this!
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Good one. Never thought of this.
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Best. Crossover. Ship. Ever. :)
ErinPtah's avatar
ssaffr01's avatar
have you seen the pic where they have a kid together?
ErinPtah's avatar
I have indeed =)
GwenCanDrawZat's avatar
Ooooh love it!! :D :love:

I like their poses, very well done, oh and the face expressions!! :love:
lygicaphisalogue's avatar
This is great!! Would you mind if I used it on this site: [link]

I need some images, and I particularly love this one! I'll credit you and link to you if you'd like. Thanks either way -- it's amazing!
Luanny's avatar
CS- He's such a nerd; but he's my nerd

W- She's so mysterious; I like her
SSBFreak's avatar
Ah, yes. These two ate up a lot of my childhood. I loved watching the Carmen Sandiego gameshows (World and Time) and I loved Where's Waldo. There were a lot of Waldo imitators back in the day, but they just didn't stand up to the original. And Carmen's shows actually made education entertaining.

Nice to see that someone remembers them. ^_^
CaribbeanBlue's avatar
heh. Waldo looks really good in this pic. :giggle:
Seagullsong's avatar
Lose Myself With You? Wow.
So, tell one who has little experience in these...fandoms(?) there any reason at all to ship them other than the fact that they're really, really good at hiding?
Not that that's not a hilarious reason.
ErinPtah's avatar
That is, indeed, the only reason. But ships have been sailed on less.
Mizamour's avatar
That is absolutely amazing!
Wire-Master's avatar
y'know... I never thought of these two as a couple...

but it so SO works! :winner:
MuffinMachine's avatar
I imagine Waldo being this completely egotistical schizophrenic with a lost-and-found complex resulting from some hideous childhood event. He has a Red personality and a White personality and they combat his world for dominance. Or not.
suchducks's avatar
Agh! Truly the ultimate OTP.. OUTP?
chuckytheman's avatar
Wow. That brings back good old memories :D
MeWiseMagick's avatar
At least Carmen would only have to find Waldo in a crowd. Waldo would have to search the world for Carmen the minute she disappears. :D

Very nice artwork.
InvaderArgg's avatar
Very good. I could imagine those two as partners in crime.
mollysugar's avatar
Ooh, I really like the tetxure on Carmen's coat! Or is that just JPEG bullshit? Either way, it look neat!

...shit, I have the themsong for the 'Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego' TV gameshow thing stuck in my head now...
ErinPtah's avatar
Yeah, that would be the JPEGifying. It goes away if you zoom in.

But thanks anyway ^_^;
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