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Little Brothers

By ErinPtah
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By popular demand, some scenes from the version of Cecil's childhood in which a pre-Strex Kevin is his twin brother.

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Cecil: When I grow up, I wanna marry someone with pretty hair just like yours!
Cecil's mom: Beware.

Kevin: He followed me home! Can I keep him?

Kevin: Mom!! Cecil's usin' foresight to cheat at checkers!

Cecil: I get dibs on the hooded figure!
Kevin: Aww, you're always the hooded figure...Well, I call the bloodstone!
Cecil: No, Earl's the guest, so he gets the bloodstone!
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GoreyBloodyTeethArtsHobbyist Artist
So Kevin was Cecil's brother O.o
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rockettreverie General Artist
They are so cute :iconloveloveplz:
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LittleDesertStarHobbyist Artist
Aw, this is really cute x3