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Liberalverse - Free Iran

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Regular Stephen doesn't care a whole lot about the developing revolution in Iran. He has more important things to focus on. Like that poor fly Obama swatted.

Liberal Stephen, meanwhile, figures that if you haven't turned your hair green, you obviously don't care enough.

(...Admittedly, I post this as someone who ended up getting green streaks in her own hair a few days later.)
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Ooh, I love Stephen's green shirt! And as for green hair dye, try Hot Topic or Spencer's Gifts or some other goth/punk rock/teen store like that.
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You can't find one? I dyed my hair green last summer. SOOOO LAST YEAAARRRR! hahaha

But yeah, that's strange... I didn't even tell my hairdresser I was dying it green when I called her to make an appointment, and she had it on hand...
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NaomiHansenStudent Digital Artist
Well, green is deffinetely very popular these days.

I have my green jade necklace at least.
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it shouldn't be green, but a lion...
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First I thought, "Who's Ian?" Then I thought "Is St. Patrick in jail?"
NOW, I'm just trying to picture myself with green hair.... Broccoli comes to mind for some reason...
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Idea: the green haired characters of anime (Pluto, Lum, Saionji, etc.) lending their support to the cause.
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...i should at least go buy some green nail polish, huh?
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I'm hearing a lot of praise for green ribbon. Lasts longer, and you can tie some around your wrist and pass the rest on to friends =)
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This is funny, but I'm surprised you haven't drawn Stephen with his new hair cut yet.
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I've got a couple of things in progress, never fear =)
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::bounces with anticipation for buzzcut!Stephen:: ^_^ Oh, and I want to nuzzle super-depth-shaded!Jon's neck,, munch on green!Stephen.
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Well said, Jon. ;-;
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