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Lesbian Pride Flag

By ErinPtah
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It turned out I had a lot of feelings about what this should look like. So you’re getting a design. With history! And symbolism!

If you want a specific name to distinguish it from its predecessors, call it the lesbian community flag. Comes with labrys and non-labrys variations (thanks to Pride-Flags for the graphic). If you like it, feel free to use any of them without restriction!

Pink stripes:

  • Shoutout to the gradient design of the lipstick lesbian flag; represents femme lesbians
  • There’s two of them to represent pride in f/f couples
  • And to represent the harmony between “liking women” and “being a woman”
  • And, because the lighter shade echoes the pink from the trans pride flag, to represent that this includes both cis lesbians & trans lesbians

Pale yellow stripe:

  • Echoes the nonbinary and intersex flags, to represent that this includes nonbinary & intersex lesbians
  • Echoes the middle stripe in the pan flag, to represent our attraction to nonbinary lesbians
  • It’s a sandy, beachy shade of yellow, because Lesbos is an island

Lavender stripe:

  • Shoutout to the color of the lesbian labrys flag
  • Honoring the reclamation of the “lavender menace” symbolism
  • Represents the importance of lesbians being feminists, and lesbian issues being part of feminism

Blue-black stripe:

  • This one’s for the butch lesbians
  • Echoes the blue & black of the leather pride flag, to represent leatherdykes & kinky lesbians
  • It’s at the base of the flag because it’s buff enough to hold all the other stripes up
  • I experimented with plain #000 as another shoutout to the labrys flag, but a brighter stripe worked better with all the other colors, which represents how when all different kinds of lesbians band together we look awesome

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Tato-Ch4nProfessional Digital Artist

Yooo this is like right on my top 3 favorite lesbian pride flags it's so pretty im lov

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SeyebaStudent Digital Artist
Hey! i hope its alright, but i made an icon of this flag!
PRIDE FLAG ICONS [F2U] by Seyeba  if its not, let me know and i will remove it if need be! ;v;
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Adorable, I love it! Thanks <3
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SharkyJazzStudent Digital Artist
I like this one better! The original one has too much pink and too much colors, but this one is just right
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Thanks! Sounds like you're thinking of the lipstick lesbian flag, which was designed by & for femme lesbians, so it was never supposed to be a more general thing anyway.
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SharkyJazzStudent Digital Artist
Yeah the lipstick one
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xShadetheKittyHobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly strongly prefer this version of the lesbian flag over the pink-and-orange one we have. It just looks so much better to me.
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Yeah, the pink-and-orange one just feels like "we have issues with lipstick lesbian flag...all of which will be fixed if we do exactly the same thing but with an orange filter." And no references to any other existing lesbian history or symbolism.

Lots of us have come up with other design proposals! If you like this one, by all means, use it as much as you want.
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LavenderExtractHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow, I ADORE this design, and all the meaning behind it. This really should be the new flag.
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Thank you! Feel free to use it/spread it around <3
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SilenceTheFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
This is great! Would you mind if I turned it into a pride stamp?
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Not at all, I'd be delighted!
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