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Leif and Thorn: Year One

It's the first anniversary of Leif & Thorn!

...The webcomic, not the couple. Our heroes are still trying to be frantically platonic.

Leif is celebrating with some traditional delicious Sønska holiday desserts. Thorn would also like to celebrate with a delicious Sønska dessert.

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Thorny Fanservice Meme by ErinPtah
 Walking into tomorrow by ErinPtah Flags of the Fictional World 1 by ErinPtah Spring Twirls by ErinPtah 
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The way you depict movement in this piece is very nice.
Interesting angle and color palette.
anatomy of the face is a bit strange. the face seems to slim and muscular at the same time, and the eyes are put too high on the head and the forehead is very pronounce.
honestly, I really enjoy the motion and action in this piece,though, more needs to be added to the background as well as the shading.
The body anatomy is rather nice too, and good job on the hands.
this picture feels full of emotion and has a very good perspective added.
But I still wish you could of used all that empty space with something.