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Leif and Thorn Volume 1
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Cover art for the first Leif & Thorn print collection. (Now on Gumroad! Get the book or get the ebook.)

I want to give each volume a title...and I'm thinking of just going with the obvious theme and making them plant-based. So Volume 1 would be "Rose Trees."

Volume 2, with the Summerfest storyline as its centerpiece, would be "Sword Lilies." And then Volume 3, dominated by the Leachtric storyline, would be something to do with vines.

Volume 1 Cast Banner by ErinPtah  Wallpaper - Rainbow Ensemble by ErinPtah  Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart II by ErinPtah  Whiskey and Bubbly by ErinPtah 
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