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Leif and Thorn - Spirit Guide



Magic in the Leif & Thorn universe interacts heavily with spirits, who range from "majestic and imposing" to "tiny and adorable." (Lookit that tough little Cthulhu-type guy at the top.)

Water and fire spirits appear to grow right out of their respective elements. Nature spirits are more inclined to have stuff growing on them.

(These aren't the only varieties. For instance, Holly's major connection is with star spirits, not shown.)

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Leif and Thorn - Weapons by ErinPtah Wallpaper - Reseda, Showing Off by ErinPtah Hold your light close by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Tiernan, v2 by ErinPtah 
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(Your art reminds me of a political sign I saw driving home from work. On either side of this one house the neighbors had put up Bernie 2016 signs, but the one that was between them said 'Cthullu 2016, why choose the lesser of two evils? ')