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Leif and Thorn - Homecoming



Scenery study for Leif & Thorn.

Long shot of the capitol city of Ceannis, where the heart of the story takes place. They no longer have an active wall around the whole thing, though. As per a suggestion from SmallAustrianVillage, all they have left is sections of wall inside the city's modern-day borders, ringing the oldest and most historic parts of the city.

(Including the castle! Which is now a museum. A lot of these countries have moved past monarchies, too.)

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Leif and Thorn - Laurel and Holly by ErinPtah Cute handholding action by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Feathered Dragon by ErinPtah BICP Prom Dresses by ErinPtah 
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(Have you considered that maybe the city outgrew the wall, like in many modern European  and even Chinese cities, where large sections of the wall remsin, ringing the 'old city'?)