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Leif and Thorn Deleted Scenes 2016 by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn Deleted Scenes 2016 by ErinPtah
Some dropped panels from this year's Leif & Thorn storylines. (See the transcript for links!)

Mostly from Vampire Masquerade. Since then, I've gotten a little better at realizing a panel isn't working before I draw the whole thing.

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The Queen and her Steed by ErinPtah  Leif and Thorn 2016 sketchpile by ErinPtah  Strip Drawing Process - Leif and Thorn by ErinPtah  Canoodling at work by ErinPtah 

Reworked panels from Vampire Masquerade.
* Too awkward to be menacing. Replaced it with a full-body frame.
* First panel in Ragnild's room. Replaced with a wider establishing shot.
* Too joke-y for a somber moment.
* This whole strip had the vampires showing . . . let's say . . . uncharacteristic respect for physical autonomy. Redid it so Imri picks Iona up. Besides, she looks braver when you can tell that she's not protected by any self-imposed boundaries on the vampires' part.

Reworked panel from Fish Story.
* I drew this for the Holly-and-Ivy side of the day, then drew the Leif-and-Thorn side and realized their positions should be different at this point. You can find the exact replacement panel -- it's the one that's the same in both Fish Story and An Incredibly Platonic Storyline.

* Superfluous delighted Leif. (Two panels of this mood were condensed into one.)

* Superfluous cross Tansy.

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