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Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart V by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart V by ErinPtah
Yes, at last, it's a spread of different body types for nonbinary characters in Leif & Thorn!

Still not a big group...but given that Juniper's been around since the start of the comic and still hadn't appeared in one of these yet, I figured it was time to go ahead and post it. Probably gonna just update it with new characters as they arrive.

(As usual, this is just a reference for heights and builds. Things like scars/markings might be different in-strip.)

Artie - Broad-shouldered knight of the realm. Took a gender-neutral version of the name of a past (female, famous) reincarnation. Agender, they're on estrogen.
Agent D10 - Freckly secret agent of United Islander descent. Genderqueer, they're not on hormones.
Pania - Itty-bitty archmage of Tamapoa. No significant role yet, but so quick to draw that I couldn't resist. Genderfluid, any pronouns, no hormones.
Juniper - Petite knight of the realm, proud of their shapely arms. Agender, they're on testosterone.
Alruna - Large grumpy embassy guard. Different ethnicity from the rest, not that outsiders can tell. Nonbinary, ze's not on hormones.

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