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Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart IV by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Character Height Chart IV by ErinPtah
More of the different body types for male characters in Leif & Thorn!

Only one gentleman from Sønheim in this lineup, because all the new Sønska characters introduced recently are the guards.

Gil - Petite panicky miner. Back to his normal weight after spending months trapped in a cave with limited rations.
Bramble - Magical man. Also back to his pre-cave build, which is basically a walking fridge of muscle.
Mata & Pato - Itty-bitty engineers. So tiny you can't even really see the details, but Mata is shorter and pointier, Pato is taller and more square.
Kale - Sarcastic translator. Average height/build -- about the same as Leif, in fact.
Quince - Tall, skinny, muscular knight of the realm. Built for speed.
Rhodey - One of Rowan's siblings. Identical twins with his sister Rosie.
Bennet - Square-jawed and square-shouldered reporter. His job involves a lot of sitting around.
Archie - Heavyset writer. Similar job situation.
Ebony - Femme magical man. Ivy inherited his freckles.
Vine - Grunge-goth student. Standing much taller & more confident post-top-surgery.
Cedar - Cute young singer/actor. Only wears the glasses offstage.
Ludolf - Leif's manager. Skin has a bit of an unhealthy pallor, but he's a silver fox otherwise.

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