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Leif and Thorn 2015 sketchpile

By ErinPtah
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A collection of Leif & Thorn characters, pulled from sketchbooks throughout the year.

- Casual Juniper and Thorn.
- Holly doing water magic.
- Ragnild versus Thorn.
- Gem version of Holly. (She's a Peridot.)
- Hyacinth & Hawthorn, bonding over school. ("I didn't learn anything in that class either." "Oh, I learned! I read the whole textbook, and that worked.")
- Baby versions of Tansy & Thorn. (From before I decided Tansy was several years older.)
- Baby versions of Leif & a sibling.

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Wreaths, Candles, and Sweaters by ErinPtah Friendly Neighborhood Embassy Staff by ErinPtah Comparative character design meme - L+T vs BICP by ErinPtah Leif and Thorn - Team and Family by ErinPtah 
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Wild, you must have heard me musing over child!Thorn psychically. 

(Actually, I have an unrelated question, regarding magic in your world, does it call come and/or tie into elemental spirits? 
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And retroactively? Because that's one of the sketches I drew a few months ago ^_^;

Spirits are basically made of magic, so yeah, it's all connected. If you want something done with magic, there are three ways to pull it off: do the spell yourself (if you're a practiced mage), have a piece of spelltech crafted to handle it (like the crystalline not-phones the characters use), or ask/compel a spirit to do it. Most Ceannic city plumbing systems are powered by water spirits, for instance.
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So a mage type character doesn't necessarily have to have a spirit critter then. Okay. I was thinking about a mage-ish type character who uses what little electrical manipulation they can  to power an electrified ukulele. Would that work?
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Yeah, Holly and co. are human.

Their power system isn't electricity-based, so I don't think they would think of it! Easier to take a regular ukelele and use a spell to amplify the sound.
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I see. Thank you! And if I don't get the opportunity to say this before the first, Happy New Year!