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Learning to be 'us' without her

By ErinPtah
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Problematic ships project: Greg/Pearl.

Some kind of AU where "picking up humans" was a thing Rose and Pearl did together, for short-term (in Gem terms) triads. "Ooh, Rose, you found a cute one this time!"

So when Rose dies, Greg and Pearl struggle to work through the grief and figure out what comes next. They care about each other, but Rose was always the heart of the group, and they're both used to deferring while she takes charge. Can they figure out how to be a couple without her?

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I am not sure what kind of relationship this is, is it polyamory or something else? And how does Steven look in this story, does he see Pearl as his surrogate mother? And curious this AU, complicates, a little weird more interesting! Is there a chapter written or is it just an idea?

No estoy seguro de qué tipo de relación es esta, ¿es poliamor o algo más? ¿Y cómo se ve Steven en esta historia, ve a Pearl como su madre sustituta? Y curioso esta AU, complica, un poco raro más interesante! ¿Hay un capítulo escrito o es solo una idea?
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It's a kind of polyamory, yes!

There's no chapter written, just the art, so I didn't decide how Steven feels about it.