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Leaf Pearl's First Opal

By ErinPtah
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More canon fusions between Leif & Thorn Gem types.

Pearl (Leif) is still shy about fusing, and Amethyst (Violet) is cautious about who she does it with...but when a mutual friend is in trouble, that's enough to motivate them both into forming an Opal.

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Violet: I got the call for backup. Where's Sapphire?
Leif: He won the fight! But in the process he got thrown around a lot, and then...stuck.

Thorn: A little help up here, please??

Violet: Well, a Quartz can't reach him at that height. And a Pearl definitely can't reach him. You ever made an Opal before, Leaf?
Leif: N-no!

Thorn: Just who I want to see / To save me from this tree / A giant woman
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