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Juan Estuardo

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By popular demand, more of Juan Estuardo, from this bunch of sketches.

Esteban occasionally offers him mustache rides. One of these days he might even accept.

(That caption should actually say El Programa Diario. Apologies for my lousy Spanish.)
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Ay, papi! Juan is adorable ^_^ I forgot how sexy Jon can be with a beard... ::feels the need to watch The Faculty again:: He looks good with the tan skin too. He look so confident!
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DeathOath Writer
This is great! :meow:

Juan's eyes are brown, interesting. By the way, would he still be (at least part-)Jewish in spite of the Spanish name?
Stephen/Esteban has it easy, Catholicism is way more common in Latin America anyway.
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He's either (part-)Jewish, or part of some other group with similar social implications. (Not that I know what that would be.)

And, yeah, brown eyes. Slightly browner skin, too - you wouldn't notice unless they were next to each other, but he looks like Jon with a tan.
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I think it should really be 'El Programa Diario', but my Spanish knowledge is rusty at best. I can check with my fluent friend, if you'd like.

Juan is wonderful, though!
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Oh, probably. (I've never taken Spanish.) Double-checking would be awesome =)
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Yep, just asked--El Programa Diario. Silly Spanish with its adjectives after nouns. =P ('El programa' itself keeps screwing with me. There are not a lot of masculine Spanish nouns that end in 'a'.)
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Yeah, French does the same thing. Except not with all the adjectives. And you have to memorize the list of which adjectives come before the noun instead...

Added a corrective note ^_^;
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That's why all the cool kids took Spanish. =P
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lol, this is exactly what I was going to say, but you beat me to it!

Also, I fully support the unbuttoned shirt of sexiness.
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Who doesn't support the unbuttoned shirt of sexiness? I ask you! =P
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Omg mucho machismo YESSS XDDD

I can see him riding in on a horse now lol
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