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J'avais une fois une rose

For :iconstellar-dust:, a prince and a doctor.

"Once upon a time, I had a rose."

(Il y a aussi le fic!)

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The little prince and the doctor they know how they feel
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I clicked the link but It didn't appear =(
ErinPtah's avatar
Sorry about that -- it's fixed now!
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Just whT i THOUGHT° i LOV EIT° 8D°°°:hug:
Hannah-Harim's avatar
I love how you've captured the original style of the book! This is gorgeous.
Clone-Artist's avatar
I love simple beauty of this picture. :)
Great work.
Spiroulette's avatar
This is on of the cutest things I've seen all week. Nice job emulating the style, I especially like the colouring job. And delighfull crossover is just delightfull.
Karmelowa23332's avatar
I read that book once when I was little. Great picture <3
akanesarumara's avatar
Just... wow. Brilliant idea, and very heartwarming yet a bit sad, too^^
AndHeSaid's avatar
So my honest to god first thought was "My life is complete." This is great, and makes me ridiculously happy.
How sweet-and you captured his style beautifully!
D-eTo-X's avatar
Aww :]

I had a comparison of them go through my mind... And here it is, for my eyes to view! Thank you :)
duamdrallibor's avatar
Le petit prince was my favorite book when I was young (even now I try to read it once a year..)
This book is so beautiful.
Thx to mix it with Doctor Who .. Great Idea .. Fit perfectly .. :clap:

beautifull draw btw;)
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I read The Little Prince in French class in high school. I can see the Doctor meeting him. So cute!
jewlogic's avatar
this is great!
KaoruArika's avatar
Have to search the Le Petit Prince.

I liked the pic (with the Doctor, included xD). A LOT.
Roveren's avatar
So beautiful. :heart:
CaptainQuirk's avatar
OMG, a match made in...a desert.
OnlyLeigh's avatar
Oh! so cute!!!! You need to add a little TARDIS there ^^
Asa-Taiyo's avatar
oh... his rose... *sob*

So, they've both lost someone precious...

This is very nicely drawn, I love how you drew them in the "Le Petit Prince" art style
Rice-Puppy's avatar
OMG I loved that book! :) It used to be a cartoon show too. How cute.
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