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It's All About The Scarves

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The Fourth Doctor and Romana II, who somehow managed not to spend most of Destiny of the Daleks tripping over their respective ridiculously long scarves.

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OTP. That is all. :D
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QueenPleasanceStudent Traditional Artist
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K9: "Sense of fashion is not practical... -.-;"
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YasminaMihaylovnaHobbyist General Artist
Unnecessarily long scarves are kinda the Dr. Who equivalent of towels... they can be used for all sorts of things, from rescuing friends dangling over cliffs to confusing daleks and whatnot. And, of course, it they're still clean enough, you can wear them to keep the cold away.
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Romana's dress sense sorta went down hill after this. This pic is faved.
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AniDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha, much love for the scarves! XD I actually just ordered Destiny of the Daleks (along with about $200 worth of Tom Baker episodes on DVD... God I need a life...), and plan on trying to cosplay Romana in that outfit. XD
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Thats because long scarves are great.
I'm still glad they randomly put that scarf (or a copy of it) into the Tardis when the 10th Doctor was trying to find a style to fit him. :)
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Obviously one of the powers of the Time Lords is the instinctive ability to keep one's scarf away from one's feet.
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I think you drew them a bit short.
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i'm guessing he's your favorite of the original 8
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Four is, as they say, My Doctor =)
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by the way, while i'm guessing correctly, the Arc Word for your crossover story isn't 'sweet', is it? it's not something obvious like 'time', is it? (i'm taking the challenge seriously)
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That's a very good guess. "Sweet" isn't the Arc Word, but it's significant and recurring. (And no, it isn't as simple as "time".)

Lol, I'm glad somebody is!
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thanks! i am not giving up!
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GirlycardFangirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant job Erin! Not enough people use Romana any more :D
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GardianlunaHobbyist General Artist
<3 faved!
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