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Integra's Family Tree

By ErinPtah
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The Shineverse version of Integra's family tree.

(While you're here, check out Shine's new and improved character page!)

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IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist
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IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist
That's the problem with being the only woman in a series, you get whored out to EVERYONE
Johnathan Harker (Cannon)
Vladamir Dracula
Abraham Van Helsing
Allan Quatermain
Tom Sawyer
Dorian Grey...
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Yeah, it does get pretty awkward when the gender balance is that lopsided XD

(And thanks!)
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IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist

Any time, keep up the good work :)
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MoonBeamDustStudent Digital Artist
This is quite fascinating.
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umm... i really really really doubt that mina would have sex with anyone other than johnothanlet alone a full pregnancy
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I hadn't heard the theory that Mina is Integral's grandmother before, but sure, why not? First thing that pops into my head is her romance with Allan in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... and your design of her here is reminiscent of Alan Moore's design. She's such a great character in that series. ^_^
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LillymangaStudent Digital Artist
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Masuta-HerushinguHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so intresting :3
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I don't remeber the book that well, but isn't Professor Hellsing old enough to be Mina's father in most depictions?
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Yeah, he's significantly older. But then, look at how long Arthur lived, and how old he must have been when he had Integra. I figure it runs in the family.
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I really like the way the silhouette of Professor Van Helsing looks in this. I'm left wondering though just what the in-universe explanation is for his son getting an extra "l" added to his name.
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My guess would be that "Van Helsing" sounded too much like German, so somewhere around WWI either Abraham or Arthur decided to anglicize it.
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Probably under the orders of the king, it was around then that George V changed the royal family name to Windsor and ordered other nobility to change their names to something less Germanic.
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Oh, wow, I hadn't realized that happened officially IRL. Thanks for the info!
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Beautiful. So, Mina ditched Jonathan? Or is it because the blood transfusion the Professor gave to Mina was sexual in nature?
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I never said she ditched Jonathan, just that she had sex with Abraham at some point =)
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Oh, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.=D
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fngrscr8dstrouiProfessional General Artist
A rich and diverse family tree, that's for sure. I think she'll probably be one of those chars whose full lineage won't ever be explained; it'd take away from some of her mystique.
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Why is Abraham van Hellsing face blacked out? We saw him in the second OVA. :)

Other than that, this is great! It looks awesome!
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Because I didn't feel like looking up reference pictures XD

Plus, I like the idea of him having a Sense of Mystery.
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Pity we don't know what Integra's mother looks like. But I agree, mystery is good.
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Kabub999Hobbyist General Artist
interesting idea... though I don't quite get that Indian influence in the Hellsing family >.<
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Monsters-MasterHobbyist Traditional Artist
There's a photo of a faceless woman in a sari holding her.
This is pretty much the basis for the entire community's thoughts on Integral's genetics. xDDD
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