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I couldn't save mine either.

From Ten Times The Doctor Met Sailor Pluto (Plus One More).

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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry Timon - Cry BOTH OF THEM SO LONELY!!!
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Really nice, two awesome characters, a Time Lornd and a Time lady. I love them both
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Patriot1776Hobbyist Writer
FAVED!  As much I have been learning about Doctor Who, and seen episodes, I've been wondering a great deal about what if Sailor Pluto and the Doctor met a few times!
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LarryDaCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually ship this! X3 (but it's 11 instead, but,) This is super FANTASTIC!! I love it! XD
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Nice crossover. It fits. :)
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Ok, I was sure I'd faved this back when I joined dA, but it seems not. Best do so now.

I can't decide if I ship Pluto hardest with The Doctor (especially in his David Tennant incarnation) or with :iconseer99: 's Sailor Phoenix.

Anyways, utterly love this :huggle:
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I come back to comment on this pic once more after seeing "Day of the Doctor" and I'm thinking now that Pluto has seen through the time gate what the Doctor will do for his people (although she could not tell any of the incarnations that she met in the fanfic, she only met 1-10, she had not met 11, 12, or the War Doctor, but was aware of  their existence.)
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Technically she did meet the War Doctor, though it was a fanon version of 8.5 because we didn't know there would be a canon version at the time...

As for what Pluto knows re: the events in Day of the Doctor...that just might be the question that gets me to revisit this story. (Such a good episode, seriously.)
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XcrimsonXflamesXHobbyist General Artist
I've seen a few of these dr with pluto arts around and i'm so surprised it's not more common ;w; seriously this would be a epic pair DX
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Marty McFly : This is heavy !
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aburke2435Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read the story, then decided just to do a Sailor Pluto Doctor Who search. It sums up the story itself great.
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aoifasdHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Somehow, very fitting. :)
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I read the fic first, and I love how you were able to get his look of angish. Definately +fav, and if I had any money, I'd buy a print. Now I'm off to see what other goodies you have!
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This is awesome! I've always thought that Pluto herself is actually a Time Lady. Let me explain:

Every planet has its own Sailor, and Setsuna was Sailor Galifray. She was sent to the Moon Kingdom as an emissary of the Time Lords. She grew attached to Queen Serenity, enough to stay on the Moon when the Time War with the Daleks began. After the rest of the Time Lords were wiped out, she was given her duty to guard the Time Gates by Queen Serenity. She took the name Sailor Pluto to symbolize her change of alligence from the Time Lords to the Moon Queen. There was no Sailor Pluto before her, because we all know Pluto isn't a planet.

But I like your interpretation too.
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Why do you think so? NASA opinion is so...correct???!!!Are you sure?
Sailor Moon herself is named after Earth's moon, the Sailor Stars aren't named after any planet or major stars (they just have the word "star" in their name), and Tuxedo Mask isn't named after any sort of celestial body. Along with this, Sailor Cosmos isn't named after a specific cosmos. The Sailor Quartet is only named by asteroids.
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This is definitely the best way to reconcile the notion of Pluto not being a planet =)
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Thank you. It couldn't have been easy doing the ridicolus amounts of running in those heels.
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That was a charming story....and yes, I favorited the story.

Now I don't feel so bad about Mellissandria and Rhiannon Archer/Sailor Bast -A female Time Lord who adopted a companion who was/is the Senshi of planet Bast...
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SuncatStudioHobbyist General Artist
Okay, I have to go read this now.
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Fantastic! I thought I was the only one who thought that these two would make a great story. Love it. You can really feel their pain.
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runesaelProfessional Digital Artist
Okay, that's genius.
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Hannah-HarimHobbyist General Artist
Did you know the fic for this got a TVTropes recommendation?
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