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Hope and Coconuts

By ErinPtah
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Problematic ships project: Yumehara Nozomi/Coco.

She's a teenage student with magical hope powers. He's a hot teacher whose real form is a fluffy tanuki fairy. They fight evil!

Is it weird that there aren't more canon romances between magical girls and their mascots? I guess Chibiusa/Helios kinda counts. You wouldn't expect it if the mascot only ever gets a cute-animal form, but once they turn bishounen, all bets are off.

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That's so totally superb duper pretty amazing-looking and totally pretty awesome sweet-looking too as well you will keep up the good work okay my good dear BFF friend okay my dear.:D (Big Grin) 
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It does seem more likely to happen if the mascot and the hero are of opposite genders, like card captor Sakura and Yue.
But even Luna got the humanizing treatment in one of the manga