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Hellsingpuffs - Hallway

A Puff version of the scene from the anime, Order 05. Alupuff drops in to ask a question (and does it upside down, just to annoy Integrapuff).

"The new gun Walterpuff made me is just begging for a field test..."

Download for the scene plus full-size blanks of the characters and 11 LJ-size icons.

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This is too cute :giggle:
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I love the look on Integrapuff's face. XD well done.
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Alupuff.... GENIUS!!!!! Awwwwwww it's so cute I can hardly stand it!!! Can I put a link to this pic on Crispin's site?? I really think he'd get a kick outta this. Lol.
ErinPtah's avatar
Go right ahead, and thanks!
shedvil1985's avatar
Not a problem, I'm sure he's gonna get a kick out of 'em. Lol. ^_^
Miu-Tinichi's avatar
LOL! I love it! (insta-fave)
AmyLeeYummy's avatar
thats soo cute look at the little integra!!!
Nightpark's avatar
:rofl: Integra looks very pissed! Really lovely (might also be Alucard's thought) ^^
141188's avatar
Integra's face is priceless. Nice work.
Dark-Kaos's avatar
He really looks eager, and she looks so anoyed. Perfect work on these.
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That is so full of win. XD I love Alucardpuff!
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That sounds . . . vaguely dirty. >.> xD
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