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Hellsing guys in drag

I got an email ordering me to draw the men of Hellsing and Iscariot in drag.

Who am I to refuse such a decree?

(Walter stole Sailor Neptune's mirror. ^_~)
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lol -takes some pics then falls out laughing- hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaah!!!
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They look so great and pretty. XD

And Walter, you are one fabulous Motherf**ker!
TranquilShinigami's avatar
What has been seen,
cannot be unseen....
gallymedes28's avatar
HAHA!walter and pit are nice here xD
DeseretKitsune's avatar
Anderson should have shaved first. He look like the bearded lady. o.O
Shichoyou's avatar
It took me a moment to realize that that was Maxwell and not some random blond chick.
xx-lilmizzknottee-xx's avatar
Wait, who's the blonde? (Not Anderson...)
ErinPtah's avatar
Enrico Maxwell.

He's blond in the manga.
tea78iscool's avatar
pip looks so pretty!
Cpixie's avatar
Why is it the only one who looks really out of place is Father Anderson? Anyway me likey them all! :glomp: ^.^
Ailisea's avatar
Omg, this is disturbing X°D
ProfessorOakcane's avatar
*brain melts a little*


I love it.
lol, Walter looks great. Not to mention everyone else! XD
zimsniper's avatar
Funny, distrubing, scary, and a few other things...GJ
vTwitchy's avatar
Hahaha Anderson in a dress. ;P
Gambets-chan's avatar
-starts singing ';Pretty Women' from the Sweeny Todd movie-

"Oh, Pretty women,
Pretty women...."
Stopsel's avatar
Haha, Alucard already has a female alter. XD
alisamakora's avatar
... wow. enrico makes a pretty good woman. XD
RoysGalMadeline's avatar
yeah he totally does
AnimeFreakcandy2487's avatar
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GrenadierJorinde's avatar
You embarrass the Iscariot and evn Hllsing yet nothing on MILLENIUM XD gah good thing this is still amusing!
Ink-and-Vinegar's avatar
Anderson looks simply splendid! XD
riskygamble's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAhahahaha, so cool! And Walter, of course, has his own priorities. Such as looking neat and well-groomed even in adverse circumstances.

Also, props on not sticking Alucard in a red ballgown. It's been done. A cute sweater-vest and embroidered jeans, however, had not been till now.
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